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Ghost Hunt Ireland Team



The Ghost Hunt Ireland Team is made up of a number of individuals.



Breda Duggan


Breda is founder of Ghost Hunt Ireland, an investigator and organizer of investigations, events, private or other.

Breda’s had a great interest in the paranormal from an early age. She has great memories of listening to elders tell ghost stories by the open fire on winter nights, and her interest grew from there.
In 2004 Breda wanting to explore more other than reading and watching movies on “ghosts”. She decided she wanted to spend a night in a haunted location. After doing a lot of research on the paranormal and searching for a haunted location, finally the day came. She was joined by ten others, her family and friends, one of them was Cathy. Her first night in a haunted castle, first investigation was a memorable night. Everybody loved it having a great time from having laughs to sharing stories, being brave to not being brave and all were spooked one way or other...

On their return home they watched the footage they recorded on video, and were not surprised to find they had not been alone. (See first video “shadow”)

Bredas interest love and respect of the spirit world grew even more, shortly after Ghost Hunt Ireland was formed.




.Pj first joined Breda and the team as a guest in Ross castle Co Cavan
in October 2006 and continued to do so on further investigations.
Pj has had belief in the paranormal after 2 personal experiences at a
young age when he witnessed two full bodied apparitions.
He  Since continued to participate on investigations with the team,
leading him to become a member in June 2011, Pj is now a valued member of the team and also a very good friend.
GhostHunt Ireland are proud to have Pj on the team.

Tech Team

Aidan DugganAidan Duggan







Robert Sheehy

Robert Sheehy







Thomas LyneThomas Lyne






The Tech team is comprised of 3 individuals, Aidan, Robert and Thomas.

They set up equipment, cameras sound lights where needed, check venues and make safe for both team and guests alike.

They are also investigators them self’s and participate when they can. Thomas is a new member of ghi, before becoming a member he had been on many events as a guest with ghi. His growing interests in haunted locations presuaded him to join GHI and became a member.


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